Anna Sollewijn / Chris Muller Duo

The Anna Sollewijn/Chris Muller Duo tells the story of a remarkable musical partnership. Anna Sollewijn Gelpe, a gifted vocalist inspired by both Ella Fitzgerald as Steps Ahead, and Chris Muller, a pianist influenced by many great bands and orchestras, came together to create a unique fusion of straight-ahead jazz and contemporary elements.

Their journey, chronicled in the biography, showcases their early years, the formation of the duo, and their commitment to pushing musical boundaries. Anna’s vocal virtuosity and Chris’s innovative piano work combined harmonical depth with vocal challenges, resulting in a captivating blend of traditional and modern jazz.

Their music became a bridge between different jazz styles and a testament to the enduring power of music. The biography emphasizes the enduring legacy of the Anna Sollewijn/Chris Muller Duo, serving as an inspiration to musicians and jazz enthusiasts, reminding us that true innovation in music transcends boundaries and that the spirit of jazz lives on through those who explore its limitless possibilities.